Letra da Música: Planet Damnation - David Neil Cline

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It use to be a quiet country town
but man things sure have changed
Major increase in the population
has plagued the land

Ignorance for hire, jumping in the fire
I'm dreading you
A permanent duration, of inconsideration
I'm dreading you

They spew their tabacco filter filth
on roadsides everyday
Plastic, wax fast food containers
The waterways display


There's a new breed of people so impatient
Multiplying like rabbits they infect the nation
Don't discipline their children spoiled rotten
Important values in life are soon forgotten

Wildlife are roaming parking lots
running out of room to live
Strip malls, drug stores and subdivisions
will soon be all there is


(2nd chorus)

Corporate white collar, worshiping the dollar
I'm dreading you
Exceeding population, to planet damnation
I'm dreading you

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