Letra da Música: Fuck The Jones's - David Neil Cline

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Your opinion of me, really don't mean a thing
Because I've had my fill of fools
You're all so much the same, leading plastic lives
You're just living a lie, in the material world

You can run me down, call me behind the times
But I'd like to know who's making the rules
Led by the nose on a string, as you're fad following
Monkey see monkey do, and the monkey is you

Fuck the Jones
don't stereo type me
Fuck the Jones
so politically
Fuck the Jones
Let me be who I am
Fuck the Jones
I'm not a part of the plan

You're so hypnotized, by the media lies
Programs your mind and tells you how you should be
So quick to criticize, someone unlike you
You're so pathetic, in your suburbanite ways

You've got the latest look, You got the latest attire
You're so together, politically correct
Buy what they want you to buy, be who they want you to be
You're being herded like sheep, hope your pockets are deep



(Last Chorus)
Fuck the Jones
I'm nothing like you
Fuck the Jones
Ain't nothing you can do
Fuck the Jones
I think my point's been made
Fuck the Jones
So just get out of my way

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