Letra da Música: Enforcer - David Neil Cline

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Many thousands of years ago
There was a need for control
Defender of the evil one
Protector for the old
But power obsessed his mind
Which brings us to modern times
Making, breaking their own rules
Turning people into mislead fools

This thing has lost its meaning
His subjective power shall not prevail
It's gotten quite deceiving
How they manipulate our lives at will

It must be brought to your attention
That we're the boss
We keep you under our thumb
No matter what the cost
You have no consent
You're under our command
We are the true leaders of the land

You're pushing way to strong
Can't you see your doing wrong

Time for all to make a stand
And take the law into our own hands
Set an example for all to see
Save the country claimed to be free
Employ the rich by taxing poor
We can't tolerate this anymore
Strength in numbers is where our victory lies
Or our future foresees selected lives

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