Letra da Música: The End Of The Line - P.U.S.

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That man who is on high
Showing rules, only knows to speak
A certain man, not even exist
Die asking for, tears to cry

The crown betray, everybody accepts
Just for a coin, a soul I'll buy
Your life isn't worthy
To die, believe is enough...

It's not good stop thinking
It's not good smoking to forget
Your law cannot weaken
Your dreads won't forsake you...

You cannot think about suicide
Life's nice and on it there are beasts
Here on earth telling us what to do
Maybe in other life we can live

After, after some time
You see, evil is present
Not satan, not christ
Is the true, which is in front of you

You search, na exit
Which is not real
Just a dream, and finnaly
You wake up, and see that you never
Stop dreaming!!!

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