Letra da Música: Pale Witch - P.U.S.

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Born a witch,
poor a witch,
didn't know what was to come,
only the unknown wanted to know!

Talk with gnoms,
dance with salamanders,
on their realm of fire,
frequenting nature partys,
performing sorcerys... day by day...

Haunted as a witch,
throwned in a sleepless cell.

Asked for remission, (fast part)
mercy for ... freedom.
Claimed the king of darkness,
terrible monster... without mercy.
Looked the power inside herself,
She wanted... give up, give up, give up!

The pale witch, agonized,
play with things, that where charged,
now locked in sleepless cell (bis)
claim to God for remission...

The witch, arrested,
poor witch, waiting the day that will burn
in fire!

Comes the day, in fire she burned away,
nobody never forgot, the pale witch
that here burned ... die witch!

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