Letra da Música: Mosh!!! - P.U.S.

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Obssessed by cruelty and pain
People start to kill
The cause seems to be unknown
There's no more place for life

Mosh, mosh, mosh
Destruction and hate
Possess the heart of the chosen ones
Hunger and death are felt
Now christians are fucked up...

Hell cries out
For you to serve
No one loves you
Mission is to destroy

What was written, total massacre
Finally will happen
The postulate are in the bestial feast
Death will prevail...

Mosh, mosh, mosh
Terror, anarchy and destruction
Howl above the earth
The total chaos is the solution
Hell awaits...

The hell is here
The evil is the command
Your soul is burning
Is the time of sacrifice
It's useless to be alarmed!!!

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