Letra da Música: Read Between the Lines - Kevin Fowler

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Something is wrong, but he won't say
The way he's acting should give it away
Stayin' out late not sayin' a word
Silence says everything
The sign posts they are red
There's a rough road up ahead
Well, I could spell it out in black and white
It's no use 'cause you won't try
To see what's going on around you

Girl if you don't know by now
Guess I'll have to spell it out
He may not say what's on his mind
'Gotta learn to read between the lines

You played the fool, oh you played it well
But it's time you should be changin'
With your head in the sand it's hard to tell
Just what he's trying to do
Half truths and all his lies
And them half-baked alibis
Well now, you've been holdin' on too hard for too long



(chorus x 2)

oh no no, oh no no, read between the lines
oh no no, oh no no, gotta read between the
girl if you don't know by now i guess i'll have to spell it out for you.

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