Letra da Música: Lord Loves The Drinkin' Man - Kevin Fowler

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The Lord loves the drinkin' manSends honkey tonk angels to the promise land
I hear that he can turn water to wineAny man that can do that is a good friend of mineI've been baptized in beer, I'm here to testifyI was speaking in tongues when I came home last nightSome folks say I'm livin' in sin, but I know
The Lord loves the drinkin' man
The Preacher man he told me boy you ain't no good
The devils gonna getcha, better start actin' like you
All the cold beers and bright lights, stayin' out all
nightThe good book it tells me boy your soul's gonna burn
My mamma said son you're headin' down the wrong roadThey don't let honkey tonkers up in heaven I've been
told Don't you worry mamma I'll see you up in heaven

I've been thinking 'bout it and I've come to this
conclusion now,


My daddy says son you're living your life all wrong
Lighting's gonna strike you down before too long
That man upstairs he don't like what you do
When you reach those pearly gates you ain't getting
throughWell I've been thinkin', I've got a brand new plan
I'm gonna start a little church down at the Stumble
Yea that's right I'm gonna start my own religion
We'll be drinkin' and dancin' at the church of Hank
Williams yea,

(repeat chorus)

Oh, yea I know
The Lord loves, I hope he does, the Lord loves the
drinkin' man

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