Letra da Música: Get Along - Kevin Fowler

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Well I thought it was love at first sight
You pulled the gloves off that first night
Came out swingin' fightin' all night long
Yeah we've been goin' round and round
You've beat me up you've beat me down
Don't think that we'll ever get along

So why don't you get along, get along
It's high time you got good and gone
We can't seem to get along
So why don't you get movin' on
Holdin' out, holdin' on
Tried to hard for way too long
Girl I think it's time you get along

Well you're stubborn as an old pack mule
You'd argue with a barstool
Set you off and you'd fly right through the roof
Yeah you're honry as an old wet hen
You rule the roost with all your men
Think it's time you finally flew the coup


Yeah let's not try to work this out
Pack your bags and pack your mouth
Don't let that screen door hit you
When you're on your way out
You're hell on wheels you take the cake
Meaner than a rattlesnake
Just one thing left that I need from you


Yeah I think it's time you get along

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