Letra da Música: 100% Texan - Kevin Fowler

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Well i love the sound of a rain on a tin roof
On a hot summer night
Love to hear those hound dogs a-barkin
Howlin at the full moon light
Love to see those fireflies a buzzin
Lighting up the southern sky
Yeah i'm a hell bent 100% texan til i die

Well i've crossed that old state line
More than a time or two
And if you see me a-leavin
You best be believing
I'll be back before the week is through
If i stay gone too long no tellin what i'll do
I might a-highjack a plane
I might jump a freight train
To get back home it's true


Well now i don't mind going to oklahoma
Ain't never met an okie that i didn't like
I dont mind new york city
Those yankees talk funny but they're alright
I don't mind going to wessiana
Their red hot cajun cooking suits me fine
If i had my way
I'd be home today
On my front porch drinking moonshine

Chorus x3

Yeah now i'm a hell bent 100% texan til i die

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