Letra da Música: The State Of Things - J Church

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think it's time to slow down and take it easy,
City life can always get me down,
The heat is so much gentler when it's breezy,
The city doesn't need me around

The film is never done,
The black and white sun,
Electric communication,
Portugal to L.A.

She has got her friend out for the time being,
The beach is such a nice spot for a shoot,
The black and white landscape is beautifully alien,
The Director's little speech is quite astute,

Sex is the only way to not communicate,
And wallow in the anxiety it will replace

The European man goes to L.A.,
He rents a car and lawyer for the day,
The imitation forest of the night,
L.A. eases off in black and white

"L'Aventura" beautiful,
Made on little or none at all,
Loneliness is kinder than you would think

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