Letra da Música: Lucidity - J Church

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Ask me please,
Your love spreads like a new disease,
Your love breeds into authority,
Your love is nothing but vanity

You remind me of a movie that was more than kind,
Took all my feelings, put them straight in line,
A rainstorm lost into the bottomless brine,
[Of this town,?]
[Of this town,?]
[Of this town,?]
[Of this town?]

Your politics are your stability,
Your words are polemic smoke screen,
I'll cut you down right at the knees

Lucidity is only part of the artillery,
Four billion people don't know how to be free,
They're reading books about their property
[Of this town,?]
[Of this town,?]
[Of this town,?]
[Of this town?]

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