Letra da Música: Drinking Down - J Church

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Drinking down and standing back up,
It falls into the sequence,
She took me from pool hall to party to party,
Clear thinking would not have made a difference,
Now I knew I should have gone home,
And I know that I could not have gone home,
She's a sister and his sister,
Doesn't make her my sister,
It does not make a difference

Now I knew I should have stopped my drinking,
And I knew that the room would be spinning,
And I knew I didn't know anyone except the girl that brought me here,
We ended up hanging out in the kitchen,
She looked at me like she was on a mission,
Stuffing beers in her jacket pocket,
She looked at me as if I were important

It's been two years, I haven't seen her since,
I heard she moved north with an ex-boyfriend,
At the time I wished I told her I'd miss her,
Now I know it wouldn't have made a difference,
Now I know it would not make a difference,
Now I know it would not make one bit of difference

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