Letra da Música: Someone to Love II - F-iv

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Just as usual, I have a hard time deciding
what to do while waiting for you
The small cafe we go to everytime,
In that place, the habits that I've gotten used to are starting again

Even though you are going to see me in a few minutes
You send a text message saying that you miss me
I wonder why I am looking at this boring newspaper article again

*The coffee got cold and the ashtray is in my sight
I think its time that you got here now
This time is kind of boring but when I see you I forget about it

I wonder if someone would laugh if they saw me like this
Sometimes I get embarrassed
I think the cafe owner understands me
He laughs at me often

When you are running late,
I worry if something happened
I know its a wasteful thought
But when I think about you, I get anxious

repeat *

You come into my arms with a sorry expression and a bright smile
I love your voice that whispers in my ear

"You waited long didnt you~?"
"It was boring wasnt it?"
"I wanted to see you really fast.."
I hope each day and this moment will be forever.. (2x)

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