Letra da Música: Its You - F-iv

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Oh, Can you feel my heart

My hands that shake of nervousness, I hold you
Whispering my inexperiences, I kissed you on your cheek that night

For a while I held you, you looked at me as I appeared shy
But I believed you when you said this was your first love

*Because I missed you, I went to find where you went
You were in someone else's embrace, smiling

**Your first was me, it wasn't that person
Whoever that can't leave your side Uh~Girl
I want to say angry words, I want to approach you and take you away but
After seeing your happiness Uh~Girl Why did I turn away...

The lies said when you could only fall asleep talking to me on the phone at night
Because everything you did so prettily I believed



Even if I desire for you, and only hear your name
My heart still throbs for you Comeback please

My first was you, Your last is me
I want to be by your side a little more Uh~Girl
Will you trust me one more time? I'll treat you better, for you
Right now I can't say anything but cry Uh~Girl You know what I want
Can you feel my heart

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