Letra da Música: Romance - F-iv

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Like a novel, I need to erase bits of our path from my heart
I really wanted you but your image just gets farther away

Even if it wasnt love you were by my side
Even though the selected time became separation
Even if you say its too fast, I want to hold onto you
I cant stand a day without you
Please dont leave me

*But even now, if you return for me
I wont forget anymore
I cant end it like this
Please think about it once more

I was so happy when you fell asleep like a kid in my arms
But now I have to fill that up with lonliness and misery

repeat *

My heart is aching, and even though Im having a hard time being lonely,
Just promise me this,
If sometime you feel like me, think that its not too late..

I just loving you You say you say good-bye
I just holding you you say good-bye

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