Letra da Música: I Want You - F-iv

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*I only wanted you since the beginning
Just give me a chance, just one chance
No one can do if its not you
I hope you understand my heart

It was love at first sight, theres nothing else to describe it
I hate myself for not being able to say anything else but this
But dont misunderstand, this isnt my everything
I will show you the inner me that I have hidden from you

Slowly, little by little,
I hope your heart will only consist of me
I will make your lips smile all day, open your heart to me

repeat *

I can definately feel like that you are looking at me too
When our eyes meet, we smile as we look at each other
You are probably talking about me
Sometimes your friends look at me too

What are you measuring out?
Now all you have to do is show your heart to me
Dont you know? Im already going towards you by your side


I know you want me, and this heart
My heart is beating and my breath is stopping
You have no where else to hide
What can I do to make you know?
It'll just probably be a waste of time
You are my sunshine that shines on me
I hope you dont forget that you are my one and only angel

Give all of you to me, you won't regret it baby
My magic starts now, tell me your dreams

Can you feel me?
The moment when my shaking hand slides over your waist in an embrace
Can you believe it when I say that I will go crazy when you look at me?

repeat *

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