Letra da Música: I said - F-iv

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Even though you're not here my love will go on

I said I'd leave you, I'm sorry
I said I'd changed, I'm sorry
I can't even talk
The words can't come out of my mouth and are left inside me, I'm sorry.
I think I really loved you, I'm sorry
I think I truly loved you
I hope you understand when I say I'm sorry
I'm so unworthy you can't forgive me
(chorus 1)
I can't ever be your man
I can't do anything
If I say I love you, just leave it alone
I really gave you nothing
I more sorry than I can say, I'm sorry

Even though it seems like I'm dying, I won't call you again
If you know me you'll cry a second time
Everything I wanted, everything I loved
You left me and it's like I lost you

It's not easy. It's painful
I'm going like this.
Until the day I cut out my cowardly heart that wants to have you
(chorus 2)
Happy, happy words
Thankful words that I can't say
I say them in my heart
Though we are apart, the words to say I will love you
I turn and say them with my tears, I'm sorry.

(repeat chorus 2)

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