Letra da Música: Even When I Knew - F-iv

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You are the only one I think about. Only you alone.
Telling me not to go, worrying with your tears

I really was a bad guy and only hurt you
All the way until the end, all I did is make you cry
A person like me who has so many shortcomings

*Even when I knew, Even when I knew that I could only love you
In the end I threw away our destiny

There was no fear in leaving. I had nothing at all
Before I met you. Before I met you
I left you and had to go


Because I couldn't do anything, I had pledged a promise to myself
Saying that I would protect you... those words I can't even stick to now
I'm sorry.

If I do it this way, If I do it this way, I now know that its hard to do
But that fact that you were in my life makes me really happy
I really loved you

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