Letra da Música: Beyond the time II - F-iv

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By mistake, I grumbled and let you go
And after, just like an accident
My heart wanted to see you again
You were probably troubled
You were probably upset
You probably wanted to talk
I think I know how you feel now

Its only my heart that was scarred..
I think that it can be not much of a big deal
Im also in so much pain
Im having a hard time..
But how much in pain must you have been in..

I all my life Forgive me
Please let me be in you
Its not because I longed for you
I missed you so much
Forgetting you was too hard

The time kept going by
I hoped and hoped
But it didnt happen
When you held my two hands and
told me to be happy
I think that time was happier

I know that its hard to heal the bruises in your heart
How can you forgive me?
I only committed a sin..

At the last moment, I felt the memories
that I shouldnt have felt and it made me angry
Im sorry, Im sorry
Even if you wanted to forgive me,
I know too well that you cant forgive me

Beyond The Time You will forget..
You were probably exhausted from all the scars
Even if I dont have your forgiveness
I hope that your heart will be healed

I all my life Forgive me please..
Please let me be in you
Its because Im so sorry...
Its because I miss you
Let me love you..

Let me love you..

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