Letra da Música: Alone - F-iv

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Now I'm so alone, there's no one next to me
I can't call you up on the phone every day
If you're the person I like, you'll let me know
The need to kiss you good night at your house will fade

It seems like I'm alone again, left in a colorless world
I'm getting used to always being lonely
It's like in a movie where she and I aren't meant to meet
My tears keep falling

Because of you, I love you baby, Don't forget me
Still I know that I won't really feel alone
I wanna share (with) you my love.
These days are so good to me
Even if you are somewhere else you'll never be alone

When you see people asking about what is inside
I can't give you those kind of answers
Why would a really good person like you be left alone?
I'll do my best to tell you everything

* Repeat

My life truly seems to be falling apart
It'll take time for my pain to go away
I don't know how much love I can cope with
Now that I let us break up

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