Letra da Música: Times Passes Me By - Desert Rose Band

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It's morning, she wakes me with a soft loving sigh
Like the sun shining through the western sky
She holds me close against her breast,
Such a sweet lullabye
And i'll love her until time passes me by

She's a precious thing, a gift from god
How can one be so true
In a world filled with helpliness and gloom
And no one knows just how i feel
Just a personal reply
And i'll love her, until time passes me by

Cloudy and blue
Our love shining through
A light from above heaven's love
Timeless and true

From ages past and times to come
Love will always be alive
Healing hands of time for those who try
I was helpless and so confused
You came into my life
And i'll love you, until time passes me by

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