Letra da Música: Darkness On The Playground - Desert Rose Band

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There's trouble on the streets in this land of the free
Freedom has a price and you know it don't come cheap
When our children are tempted left all alone
Seeking the values they can't find at home
There's darkness on the playground where did right go wrong
It's nobodys fault but it's here just the same
Some kind of disease and no one takes the blame
Oh you can say to me what's the use
Play too hard you know you'll light the fire
There's darkness on the playground will we win or will we lose
Darkness taking all of your dreams
Living in shadows is not what it seems
Hold on hold me you don't have to die
Arms out reaching for a new life
To turn away is easy to follow only fools
And the way back in is hard it's a brand new set of rules
I can't show you any more lies
I only hope that you realize
There's darkness on the playground and nothing left to hide

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