Letra da Música: No One Else - Desert Rose Band

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When the mood is quiet somewhere usually late at night
I've got time to think about what you've been saying
If it looks like I don't listen doesn't mean that I don't care
In your heart you know I'll always be there
For the sake of conversation are you trying to release
All the feelings deep inside that you've been hiding
It used to be so easy to open up our hearts
We always had a silent understanding
What has tamed this burning fire that started long ago
What has taken our desire to believe
If we're meant to be together we should try to make it right
Holdin' on is all we've got today no one else should ever feel this way
[ guitar ]
I've forgotten more than many you've remembered quite a lot
That's why it really matters what we're saying
Don't be led astray by others always listen to your heart
The dreams we hold together are worth saving
What has tamed this burning fire...
[ guitar - steel ]
What has tamed this burning fire...
If we're meant to be together...

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