Letra da Música: Pointless (feat. I Feel Sick) - Y-Luk-O

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kids wanna talk, piss you off , throw fists
kinda like shotin at nothing you always miss
wake up in the morning degrade your worthless life
ride your bike to the mac and shovle more tripe
get ridiculed by the boss all day and not vent
stay till midnight , another day spent
walks in the house looks to the ground
his moms on the floor not and she not makin a sound
what a way to come home your moms beat to shit
dads in the bathroom with his head split
walks to the safe spins the number dial
puts the gun to his head sees his moms alive all the while
while the kids at work his mom takes her licks
getting stomped all day but the bathroom sinks fixed

three in the morning
go to your job
try to get laid
at the end it`s all

friday night and the parents are gone
beers in the kitchen cars on the lawn
all the kids show up no social vice
jocks geeks fine bitchesÂ…..nice
you're the life of the party king of the world
mix another and another while your stomach it curled
chic looks in the eyes of this fuckin bitch
the stairs start creakin as he gets the itch
as she strips down you pitch in your shorts
this is better that sega or any god damn sport
now your ready to begin this is my favorite sin
on you face a big grin until her boyfriend walks in

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