Letra da Música: Dandelions Dream - Y-Luk-O

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Evening sky
Blood pounds in his head
Conductor's hands
Play the symphony

He flicks the igniter
Smells the kerosene
And the house jumps up in flames

These are the days of fire
Where swarms of fireflies raise into the sky
These are the days of forgetting
And still lay charcoal ruins of history

Dandelion's dream is dreamed
By the liar in the night searching truth
If knew how to finish
All the deeds he had left undone
Dandelion's dream would become real
And survive the morning sun

He walks away
Red flames behind
Not yet he knows
Beyond the corner something
Is waiting for him
To make him reflect the day

Think of the tears
Shed by the woman
That lit the lighter face to face with him

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