Letra da Música: Temple Of The Sick Degenerated - W.a.k.o

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Your own sistematic ways to define reality has taken you to
hatred, fear, worship the sick degenerated beast;
The empire declines, no god will survive;
Enter the deep valley of death, shadows falling, melting upon
your skull, you feel alive, I feel devine, you've found the
eternal source reflecting on you, the face of horror and
The instinct fall apart from the cross, right above, cold sacred
passion; your god is dead, your god is dead;
Crucified by time, feeding a fatal desease in a painfull way to
survive, bury your soul, there's no place for the weak in my
God, my eyes shall not burn for you forever and ever and ever;
The superior man falls out from his throne and i'm sitting on my
own, get a gun, kill your enemy in one second, ignorant the world
is yours, you kill, you create;
Your god is dead, from the cross, right above, slaughtered
Hey man you're inside you're creator, pray man you're inside
your own creation, it's creeping out my own bone.

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