Letra da Música: Symbiotic Existence - W.a.k.o

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Time kill this lie before i die, what the hell have i;
Lost desert surrounds me, i'm chained in my gravity;
Hate me, because i'm gonna kill, erase, metamorphise this scene
To a dead end;
The magic bottle of my existence is spoiled with my dissolved
Hate, thirsty mouth of power and strength;
Hell, my existence is wrong, your existence is wrong, save me
From me, my life is dead, better forget;
Old prophet, your word is broken to me, take your filthy hands
From me, you spread the concept of fear and mercy, burn son of a
Bitch, reinventing a ilusion, heaven fall apart;
Burning dawn, dissolving upon your pale skin, hunger to kill and
Distroy, entering a new phase;
I make my pain my name, sorrow, son of fear, i'm so guilty, i
Mutilate you again and again and again;
The red sky is upon me, who is controlling me, i spit on you, i
Exhale the fire that burns you to dust, smashing my face against
The darkest glass;
Apocalyptic dawn, come in flames, destroy the generous, the
Priest will poison the crowd.

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