Letra da Música: She Bad - V Factory

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Where you been all my life
You got some junk in your trunk
Ma, you built up
You gotta big badunkadunkdunk
You a bad mammajama
You got a shake that won't quit
Super fine, super bad, super sexy, you're super thick

I see this little cutie, she caught my eye
I can't help it 'cause she's so fly
Like a melody, she keeps spinnin' in my head
Can't get her out, she's so fine
I really wanna get her name
I'm tryin' to see what's good with her
She's so fair, like a star
I can see us hookin' up and havin' some fun

I don't, deny that she not gon' be mine, cause she's an angel
Hood rich, she's drop dead goregous from head to toe like whoa
I know when I get her with me, get one dance
That's all I need, fo' sho (fo' sho)
Fo' sho (fo' sho)
Fo' sho (fo' sho)
Fo' sho, oh

That girl, that girl she's bad
Got me goin' crazy, can't move on, can't think
She bad, she bad, she bad
She bad, she bad, she bad
I'm trippin', I'm trippin' she's bad
Got me goin' in circles, don't know what to do
She bad, she bad, she bad
She bad, she bad, she bad

I caught her at the spot, she was chillin' with her friends
I said what up, I was with mine too
She tried to be slick, to to play hard to get
Caught me on the floor, I had to make a move

Hot close up, it was just her and me
I was feelin' it like 1, 2, 3
Before I knew it, she was all over me
Talkin' 'bout hey boy what you gon' do



I don't see no man, so I assume you ain't taken
I got a game plan, let's get out of here, time wastin'
Here my cell phone, so you can go 'head and punch in yo' mathematics
That's me callin' yo now, like me and I'm established
Tell your girlfriends you cool, you 'bout to slide up out
I'm gon' walk you to your car, you gon' follow me out
She a scorpio, she from the boulevard
Stop at Denny's and then the Mariott Courtyard


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