Letra da Música: For You - V Factory

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Pretty girl
Maybe ya can make this easy
Baby just bring it all to me
You could be the one to turn it round, turn it round

I feel you
Like i never felt no body
Baby i'm sweatin' ya shorty
So what i gotta do to turn ya round, turn ya round

Yes no maybe so
If you wanna tell me just let me know
Why you turn away
It's like you're too afraid to trust

For you i'll take a chance
Give you everything i have
Baby girl i got it bad
Like a sickness in my head
For you i'll make all them other girls mad
Watch me shake them off my back
Let me shake them off like that

Hey you
Why wanna keep me waiting
When ya know that i'm not playing
24/7 i'm into you, into you

I'm ready
You better get ready too girl
Cause i'm about to put it on you girl
Everything you got i'm into you, into you



For you i'll take a chance under any circumstance
For you i'll take a chance under any circumstance


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