Letra da Música: The Jury - P. Olli

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The Defendant Will Be Remanded to the Bailiff And
Fresh Mint in Sparkling Water and Fresh Lime So Nice
Serve 2-4 Years in the County Correctional Institution
New Mowed Lawn a Hammock Kids Playing in a Sprinkler
In Cañon City Or Until Such Time As the Defence
Carefree Beautiful Woman Entwined Sand Fruits Sunshine
Can See no Reason For Leniency in This Case Considering
Candlelight Red Wine a Caesar Salad All in Sparkling
An Example to Others Who Might Be Likewise Tempted To
Friends Woman's Lips Dogs Canaries Woman's Hips
And As For You Miss Will You Please Rise And
Face the Tranquility and All It's Charm
And All in Blessed Privacy That Blessed Privacy
All in Blessed Privacy

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