Letra da Música: Swing It Low - P. Olli

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I Got Buttons Bursting in the Air I Got Apple Orchards Everywhere I Got
Grapes Swinging From the Vine Swinging in a Line, Lined Up in The
Sunshine I'm On Time, Fresh, Fast, I'm a Sweetheart I'll Watch Your Back
I'm All Swing, a Swing From the Shoestrings Right Or Wrong, to Me It's
The Same Thing You, Especially You You Have My Loyalty You in Wartime,
Love Peace I Need to Walk You Down the Street I'm Right Here, I'll Watch
Your Back in Case the Wind Blows Off Your Hat You - You're On Time Your
Eyes Are Like a Diamond Mine Deep and Bright Inside, I Got Buttons
Bursting in the Air Ideas Run Fingers Through My Hair - Swing It Low
Swing It Low Swing It Low

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