Letra da Música: Empty Box - P. Olli

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I Tore Open the Package It Was An Empty Box no Meaning to Me Just An
Empty Box Sender Was a Woman She Said She's Sending Me Everything I
Never Gave Her Before She Said: Fill It Up + Send It Back, So I Sent Her
Back An Empty Box. a Big Mistake, Sent Back An Empty Box Half in The
Shadows, Half in the Husky Moonlight, and Half Insane Just a Sound In
The Night I Enter a Valley So Dark That When I Look Back I Can't See
Where I Began, I Can't See My Hands, I Don't Even Know If My Eyes Are
Open. in the Morning I Was By the Sea and I Swam Out As Far As I Could
Swim 'til I Was Too Tired to Swim Anymore and Then I Floated and Tried
To Get By Strength Back. Then An Empty Box Came Floatin' By, An Empty
Box and I Crawled Inside Half in the Shadows, Half in the Husky
Moonlight + Half Insane

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