Letra da Música: Like a Child - Noel

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Hey girl, you got me walking in the dark
I've got a feeling that my heart is just your game
'Cause you and I, we were so happy at the start
But you've been playing much to hard for me to take

How could you lie to me
Your actions don't vouch for what you say
I'm just like a child at play and your love's a toy you tried to
take away from me
Like a child at play (4x)

It's hard to say the things I feel for you today
But now I know my heart will never be the same
Girl I'm no toy for you to play with everyday
I'll show you just the kind of game I like to play


Stop you can't lie to me anymore (Repeat 4 Times)
No, no, no, no more lies (Repeat 4 Times)
Like a child at play (Repeat 8 Times)

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