Letra da Música: Change - Noel

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People sometimes feel that their lives aren´t real, it´s a film they´re seeing.
Sometimes fantasize of a better life that they could be living.
No one lends a hand, it´s all part of a plan that demands you give out.
It makes you fantasize, you decide to pack and leave it all behind.

And if I had my way, I´d changed my life today,
and if things were to change it´s all the same.
It´s only right by far we must like what we are.
I really find no need to live in dreams.

Take it in your stride to determine why you decide to not be you.
No one can take charge of the man you are, what you do is up to you.
And when the pressure´s on, just relax and smile, then think of what to do.
"No, I can´t" is not the attitude to take

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