Letra da Música: You Better Not Waste My Time - N-Dubz

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Na Na Nye...
Ohh naa naa, Ohh naa naa
Yeah, yeah yeah
N-Dubz, N-Dubz, N-Dubz

It's like
First things first,
You'd probably think I'm a chap with good manners, Well your wrong im the scum of the earth, I'm the worst of the worst, An' I aint boastin' bout ma verses, I'm speaking' bout the way I run around snatching purses, For every meaning there's a purpose, Jus because I never went to school it don't mean that I can't be perfect, For screaming' out loud!!!
We's addicted to money like two fingers tapping on wherever there's a vein, And believe me yeah we proud, Coz life is getting sicker by the day and therefore we'll always stick around, So now you see the size of me, You wouldn't think im any harm innit?
Think again ill take your wallet nicely, Chat-up your wife to be, Middle-class girl, I think I need to get me one, And your one looks jus right for me, So come on you wanna fight with me?
Might as well be polite to me?
Unless you wanna deal with 15 ruffed-up
Been through too much breddars that will ride for me, Sit you down and remove all of your designer garments off you silently, So I suggest, Go somewhere else and try to impress, Coz deep beneath the depths you aint never getting respect, I mean, Last night I had a dream that I was rich as hell, But the sick thing was, I was acting like a bitch as well, Isn't it funny how money can make a lot of people change?
You think you're my friend?
Blud im telling you,
You aint.

You better not waste ma time,
I got better things on my mind,
I need to leave jerks like you behind,
Coz all you ever do is jus bring me down, So would you let me be!!
Or I'll make you disappear,
When you hear the word MONEY
That's the only time you ever interfere, I thought that you was there, But I guess im wrong, Why would you care??

I remember once upon a time,
When I was jus 13,
So innocent and giving,
Everyone would act like they love me,
Then all the bitchin, and rumours began, Seemed like I didn't have any friends, So much hate, lies and deceit, Caused by all that jealousy, Now do you bitches really think that im the same girl I used to be?
Do you really think I will back down from you hoes if you try to bring it to me?
Now I know your hating,
Coz your man keeps watching,
But I don't even want him,
So tell him stop clocking,
The more you hate I get closer to my goal, You'll wake up with nothing at 20 years old,


I remember the days when I didn't have no rhymes, Practicing my verse in the class 'til it was home-time, I never used to pay attention in school, Was playing penny up the wall, Or in detention with fools, That's why most the teachers used to doubt me, They used to say I wouldn't make in my music just to see me get rowdy, So I could switch in the classroom, For an excuse to kick me out, Then wonder why I'm bunking all my lessons in the bathroom, Now im starving hungry, working hard, For this superstardom life, Been kinda hard for me to try and make it right, And its Hard to decide, Whether I should leave behind all my peeps in this life, To move forward and seek what I find, This life is lethal!
Like a crack baby being born addicted to the needle, So much evil in people, Dappy said it 1st so I guess that im the sequel, So just because im black it don't mean that I cant be equal, For screaming out louder!!
We're addicted to mic's like two nostrils sniffing up wherever there's some powder, And believe me yeah we're prouder, Coz life's been sick from day and therefore only gonna get harder, I love my Nike airs but now im moving on to Gucci and prada, Used to looking rugged but the tucks looks smarter, And no you don't know me, And no you aint my co-d, So there's nothing on these streets that you could ever try and show me!

[Chorus x3]

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