Letra da Música: N-dubz Vs N.aa - N-Dubz

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(feat. n.aa)

Hello hinos the n-dubz woh
Nanana it's n-dubz
Flip flip n.aa
Souths finest n-dubz north west best n-dubz
N-dubz rep cuz

[verse 1:]
Yow u got the same name as us
Why u hyping for thats a coinsidence
Can u picture this
Picture what
Me sitting on your head piece making ya beg please
Now if u wanna pick on him u have to go through me
Flip flip won't u g
Uhuh stay outta this keep ya ass well far like way outta this(oi oi)
Oi look mine how u talking shut up stop talking waste man a brush man
I swear blood i'll brush man black
Na blood hold me back
Hold who back they think their bad
Who are u dog waste man
Don't waste my time


[verse 2:]
But who are u really
Don't watch who i am
Don't watch who he is
I wanna know who he is i swear thats the youth with glasses theres no sun son lowe the glasses
Leave the attitude but im mad at u then try and calm it down u need to calm it down
Lets do this do music make money we're stars
Lets come too our senses true honesty couple years we can have our own prophity
We know about your ego tricks their never get no where like this boyz u need to relax u know
Together we stand the fighter we know


[verse 3:]
So what u sayin
What u sayin
Do we sound that bad
Na u just a little bit mad
So what u sayin u wanna make a track
Lets make movements we can be anusants to the scene we can sell handheld units lets stop being stupid come lets do it don't open the door lets fly kick through this
Anywhere anyhow gaps i'm ready now solo tell em how lets make to the now anyhow anywhere b's got mini bear tear down any rear new flight relegates
Souths finest n-dubz north west best n-dubz so whats the deali then lads n.aa n-dubz the finest

[chorus x2]

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