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Say C & Mac, bruh, I think them hoes gone love this shit dogg Foreal!
Knowmsayin'?Tell them hoes come to the floor dogg!

TRU, ya dig?


What?It's goin' DOOOOOOOOOOWN tonight!
YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAH! Where the ladies at?All ladies hit the floor!

Now won't you wobble, wobble?
Lemme see ya shake it, shake it
Now won't you drop it, drop it?
Oooooh, take it take it (2X)

[First Verse-Mac]
You already know what's happenin' when I step in this bitch
And I know ya heard of me, cuz I'm right there off of G.T. and Dorgenois
And you been bout servin' me
Sheezy, you heard my song and it got you bucked up
You want that camoflauge love, ha?It got me fucked up
I just want to see you wobble, like your mama's won that lotto
Like your Daddy's full of that bottle
Like your Brother when they called him hollow
Like them G.T. bitches, them Saint T. bitches, my No Limit bitches
Them boss bitches, bout they riches, and it ain't no secret
They want that soldier gear,
that you can only get from that soldier clique
That old "Bitch I told ya" dick, now luh-look
We drop it like it's hotter, from the dance floor to the Ramada
Givin' up them pesos?I thinks notta, now won't you...


[2nd Verse-C-Murder]

Lemme see ya wobbledy shake it, shake it pop it don't break it
You want love?Let's make it, shit I just can't wait til' you naked
You lick your lips it makes me hard,
Daydreamin, and fiendin' and screamin',
you creamin' for SEX that you be needin' this evening
It's all good, you bounce your ass for cash at the club
Show me love for a dub, but is it cool to fuck or what?
I'm sweaty, ready, full of juice and Amereti(?)
Got 2 D.U.I.'s, here take my keys and you can drive
Let's get high while we ride or do you wanna smoke outside?
I got that cess weed, that shit make you thinkin' you can fly
Baby girl come and get it get it, lemme hit it hit it
For real, no time for actin' shitty shitty
Lemme see ya shake, bounce, twerk, rattle and roll
I call it the wobble now get your ass on the floor!
Hold on baby, bounce that ass or hit the dash,
Shit, this a muthafuckin' TRU party bitch


[3rd Verse-Magic]

I like it when I see em actin' bad, SHAKIN' THAT ASS
Got me really contemplatin' bout, TAKIN' THAT ASS
The way they wobbledy wobbledy, ass bouncin' everywhere before they
Drop it and droppin' it, I can't help but to stare
Got a nigga sayin' "ooh girl"
The way you twerkin' gots to make you my boo girl
Don't move girl,
I'm on my way to the floor baby
Comin' for mine I wanna see if you can really shake it
It's bump and grind, is it, soft as it looks?
Can I squeeze the Charmin?OOOOOOOOOH!
Are you upset?I didn't mean no harm
But you got the wobble, uh, OH MY GOD!
Got me, hummin and hummin, and hummin and hummin like a dog


Yo, this has been a TRU party production, ya HOID ME??????

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