Letra da Música: Mobb 4 Ever - Magic

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Say Magic bruh, we got the click in here.
We goin represent.
Get in line in this motherfucker and tear it up ya heard me?
We goin mobb forever nigga we goin mobb forever.
TRU niggas.

I'm a mobb with my niggas forever
I'm a mobb with my niggas forever
I hope ya niggas feel me......
I'm a mobb with my niggas forever
I'm a mobb with my niggas forever
Until you bitches kill me

Been in this motherfuckin game too long to let any nigga get the best of me
Niggas that be testin me never fulfill they destiny
Bustin for the fuck of it so run for cover
Thuggin from the beginning cause I was destined for hustle
Untouchable, a made man
Check the piece on my neck and see I'm a paid man
A TRU nigga, picture I'm on the winning team
Niggas start shiverin soon as No Limit hit the scene
So what you scared for, you niggas acting like you don't know
I brought my whole fuckin click nigga, what the fuck you came for
I'm a ride with ya, or die with ya
Fuck it, we came this far, I ain't leavin without ya
Mr. Magic ain't changable
I rearrange your whole click and make em tameable
Cause I'm a soldier, that's why they put me on the front line
Mr. Magic, the most nutorious of all times nigga


[New 9]
Nigga a motherfuckin rhymes you know they bustin shots
I seen it with my own two eyes, never rat to the cops
Tied like dreadlocks, uzi's and glocks are what we pack
Fuck limited straps, I know they comin they got my back
Only bust shots and rhymes with niggas that I fuck with
See some run with this click, these busters cant get with
And if you just met me then forget me, yo

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