Letra da Música: International Gangstas - Magic

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Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, Hot Spitter (yeah)
Where you at shaggy (uh-huh)
These niggas must don't know, you know I'm saying
(yeah) yeah, they fucking with international playas baby
We do this shit, you know I'm saying
Be careful nigga, don't get fucked over round here, you heard me

[Hook - 2x]
I got niggas in a lot of different places
So, don't you ever try and test me
Well connected and, well respected
And believe me, shit'll get messy

You know who it is when I roll up, Lam with the do's up
Niggas handcuffing they bitches, putting they hoes up
I give a fuck, you niggas know who it is man
Hit your wife so much, I know my way around your crib man
You run up on me, you gon make me split your wig man
Homeless people gon find your body, under a bridge man
Curren$y the Hot Spitter, young dude
Plenty figgas, roll around with plenty killas so you better fall back
Cause if I point you out, niggas gon rub you out
So keep running your mouth, homie you gon get clapped
See the kid behind the new Bentley, annoyed grill
Big rims spinning, look like cheering doing cartwheels
Rich boys be the team, and we all real
We do what we wanna, we don't give a fuck how y'all feel
Bring the drama, to these fake and lil' niggas
Still living in they mama's basement, like Big Tigger nigga

[Hook - 2x]

Look when I come, I come locked and loaded
Unleash the seventeen, in every piece I'm toting
And that's for certain, see we guerillas down here
We don't ask for nothing, nigga we take what we want
We strong armers, don't get played like a punk
You want something, either you do or you don't
You swelling up, but you don't really want war
You done had a black eye, you ever had a black jaw
I'm a monster nigga, been doing this since a kid
Started off shooting puppies, and ended up splitting wigs
Better ask somebody, about me
I got something for them niggas, that's saying they doubt me
I'll send you running home to your pa, the nigga that made you
You can tell him bout me, the nigga that played you
International playa, connected in high places
I murk niggas, and that's how I beat the cases

[Hook - 2x]

These niggas mad now, because we the shit now
And nan nigga can stop us, they can't stop us - 2x

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