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See, what I want you women to understand

Is I know how to treat you, I know how to give

You what you need, I know how to make you feel good

I know how to make you say ooh na-na, ya heard me

[Chorus: 6 Piece]

I know you see the, 600 leather inside

Sitting on twenty inch high, do you wanna go for a ride

I was thinking we could, chit chat and sip some Don P

This honey's leaving with me, she must don't know I'm a freak


I'm feeling like a blooder day, I'm doing big things

Moving in a major way (hey), pocket full of big faces

And them haters wishing they could trade places, but face it

You ain't the balla type, you don't know how to dress when you rocking ice

You don't know how to shop, and ignore the price

You don't know, how to never wear the same thing twice

I could jump in a designer suit, with fresh braids

Ain't gotta spit no game, I'm getting leid

That's the things that come in life, when you paid

What can I say (hmmm), I got it made
Blessed with a sexy voice, hey boo
Gotta keep the ladies moist, and who knew
I was born with a royal touch, I can't help it
I spit and its platinum plus, trust


When I'm feeling like a new ride, I just drive it
Never bring it back they know, I'ma buy it
I'm feeling like a new crib, I go get it
Price ain't a option shaggy, come with it
I either start collecting up, now you know
I don't know nothing bout, no Van Gogh
Spending money is a hobby, I never stop in a hotel lobby
I keep the presidential suite, on lock for me
First class, everything I do is VIP
Whoa, big pimping spending cheese
Bling bling, got a car sitting under my sleeve
Damn slow me down, cause I'm out of control
Got a stack in my pocket, that refuse to fold
So I throw away the hundreds, that look too old
And I change women more, than I change my clothes


[6 Piece + (Magic)]
I said playas (see we playas baby)
Do you wanna take a chance
I'm just trying to teach (well go ahead and teach em 6 Piece)
I wanted you just to let yourself be free (uh)
Free and give it to me

This is what you do to live, the good life
Gotta get with me to live, the good life
Switching lanes in the six, now that's the good life
Ice on your wrist, if that's what you like
House on the hill, hmm I just might
Give me a reason to put you over something nice
We could make tonight the night, is that right
You do me, I'll do you, iight


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