Letra da Música: To Your Beat - M-flo

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You've given me something that's so beautiful
Cause i've been finding shining stars in my heart
And i'm truly, truly thankful to you
My sweet baby, so precious baby

(i love it when)
We struggle and can't be perfect
(cause it gives me)
The chance to make things better
(never gonna be)
Too much love between us
(so let me stay)
Here right by your side

*i wanna see you smile (yeah)
I wanna make you cry with my love
I wanna see you smile (yeah)
You fill up my world with joy

Letters i wrote... ima yomou
Can't get you outta my head like kylie minogue
Ima kara mou nananen no koto
Sude ni kangaeteta thousand ways to propose
Puropoozu no kotoba... kara maki modoshite
Saisho ni atta koro omoidasou
It's like that once in a life time aru hi totsuzen
Me no mae ni tatsu kimi maji beautiful de
Hitomebore, hitomebore, hitomebore
Kimi ni love at first sight
Inseki ga rakka shite kita mitai na feeling
Soko kara saki nichijou no rhythm kuzurete
To your beat, and i don't stop
Amakute hayai love jet koosutaa
To my beat, and you don't stop
Kokoro ubawareteku mono doushi sa


Baby keep your hand right there like this
(and) close your eyes if you wanna touch it
Cause i finally finally
Found what i can give you back
(sweetest thing to give you back)
Can you feel it baby

(you know it babe)
You know my love takes you round the globe and back
(when you talk to me)
Futari nado i don't know how to act
(tell me how you feel)
Tooku hanaretetemo you know we can be down?
(and won't you stay)
Right here (right here), right now (right now), listen...

Feeling i'm having for you is
Coming out from bottom of my heart
You ain't like the rest of them...that's why
I love you...
For sure, we'll stand the test of time, till we reach the line
You're nobody else but mine, it's all for you love


To your beat, and i don't stop...
To my beat, and you don't stop...

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