Letra da Música: Stuck in your love - M-flo

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m-flo loves melody - Stuck in your love

I want to take chances with a made man
Done been around with all them snakes, man
Love it when he keeps it POPPIN'
Keeps his game LOCKED like this was BREAKDANCE
Maybe fly out to get some nice tan
Something like Maldives on a island
That's STEP ONE to be the right man

Hustler...First I was LOST IN YOUR EYES,
everything you did was seismic.
you hypnotized me
Can't stopÂ…I made my SIZE FIT around what you do,
no matter what the cost is
Caught upÂ…Then we was LOSTÂ…IN our TRANSLATION.
it ain't cause we from TOKYO
At times like this in Japanese you say doushiyou?

He's a phantom... he comes and goes as he pleases
I'm captive... he stole my heart and never gave me his
Can't trust him... he just won't let me into his life
Something about the way he talks and... don't know why he keeps me hanging

Tick-tock, time is ticking, want to be heard but he just won't listen
Just can't, just can't visit only when you want hugs and kisses
Guess I'm one of those women who knows it's wrong but just too chicken
I can't deny that you're the man that gets me high

* HustlerÂ…I don't want that but I love how you make me feel
Can't stopÂ… Here I go again going round and round in circles
Caught upÂ… Want to walk out. want to fall back, but I'm so trapped
Guess I'm just another one of those who's STUCK IN YOUR LOVE

You said you had enough and that we can't be one
That I was trappin ya, uh, WHAT'S HAPPENIN'?
Let me RE-RUN through my hard-drives, memories, archives
Did you have hard times? Did I make you cry?
Did I say smart lies? All I meant to do was try and make you look FLY
Girl, WHY? Did you go telling your friends that I was acting up?
I ain't a actor hun. I had to act what I, felt in my heart
Let's leave all of this behind us
Forget it like highschool calculus
I'm into YOU and YOU into ME
And I know intuitively you feelin me
So please, TALK IS CHEAP
So like Ben Stiller in Starsky and HutchÂ…and just DO IT

I'm not. I'm not jealous I know you grind and busy with the fella's
But you know I'd like it if you let me hear your voice for a second
Step up what you're feelin do you want us or keep on gaming
But I can't deny that you're the man that gets me high

* repeat twice

Step 1, Step 2, Step 3
That's how he gots to be

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