Letra da Música: Só Blue - Deborah Blando

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I see you there all alone unaware
And filled with your darkness
Seeing the shadows
That run through your room
You feel it's so hopeless
Facing your solitude

Over and over
I'm calling out loud
I just wanna hold you
I see an image you can not allow
Just let it unfold you
Look deep into your heart


So blue...
And caught in the night
Start painting your life
With colors of truth
So blue...
I won't leave your side
Dry your tears tonight
We'll heal every wound

Look back, remember
Once there was a time
Our fate was uncertain
And with perception you opened my eyes
You parted the curtain
It's your turn to shine


And when you're down
You only see cold shades of grey
Gone astray
You're not alone
Don't despair
I won't desert you, I swear

Over and over
I call out your name
I just wanna show you
Your soul's so precious
Let go of the shame
Now how could I judge you
We're both the same


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