Letra da Música: Inocence - Deborah Blando

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The sky hides what I wanna see
Stars are like eyes, they're watching the dark
Passion and fear run all over me
Night is a ghost accusing my heart
This life can be such a lonely place
I hear the laughter as I fall from grace
I fall from grace
Now I am branded with original sin
World without end


Who's gonna fight for innocence
When we're always denying the proof?
Who's gonna fight for justice
When we wash our hands of the truth

Like to go back to a simple life
Be as a child in the Promised Land
Wish i could sleep when night comes over me
Dreaming of flowers falling out of my hands
But I'm woken by the cries of an angry crowd
Against a man whose love could save me now
Oh, save me now
I'll drink the blood from your crown of pain
And they'll call us insane

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