Letra da Música: Rock n' Roll Children - Cactus

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In my eye there's a love you can feel
Comin' to you in a rock and roll beat
Wigglin' your shoulders and shakin' your legs
Come on now baby
Dont't you hear what I said

Have a ball
Your mind won't be worryin' when you get
To hearin' love's call
We 're all rock and roll children
Grown into something that the man can't handle at all

Take my hand, there's a long night ahead
And I want you so badly lyin' bare in my bed
Oh I know there's a place to roll
It's a place to go and I need you so,

be my ball
I wanta see you smile when the sun comes over the hill
We 're all rock and roll children
Be an all night angel and darlin'
Give your poor boy a thrill

Now I feel that you 're all here to roll
And there's no one can stop the spirit
love's in control
Wiggles my shoulders, shakes my leg
Love in my heart, now you all hear what I 've said

Have a ball
If the weather's too hot we can all just shake off our clothes
We're all rock and roll children
Brothers and sisters gathered here
To recharge our souls

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