Letra da Música: One Way... Or Another - Cactus

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One way or another you go through life
You live alone you keep a wife
You beat the law you leave your hometown
Finding out it's hard when you're all alone and brought down
Sisters and Brothers on everything you do one way or another
The choice is up to you.

Fathers and Mothers you'll see the dawn
Or sleep forever excepting wrong
Disguising fear something strong
Your Bleeding hearts just can't go on
Today your fears your weakness
Tomorrow it's a pain
I can't go on explaining all the
Troubles in your brains.

You can't begin to love until you understand
The valeus of the trust you give or take from fellow-man
One way or another you go through life
Sisters and Brothers you come to love
Fathers and Mothers we go through time
One way or another we're all the same .... allll the same .

One way or another we're all the same
The glowing ring, inside your brain
That makes you laugh when things are right
That makes you cry in the middle of the night
Sisters and Brothers your life goes on
One way or another! right or wrong.

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