Letra da Música: You're on my mind - Beeshop

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Another day it goes by, it goes by
and still I am far away
from your side, from your side.
And oh, my heart
how it aches sometimes, it aches sometimes.
And though we're apart,
I've got you on my mind.

You're on my mind.

The end of this road we'll never know, we'll never
And all that we have
we'll never hold, we'll never hold.
But somedays I just can't seem to find, seem to find
not a single way to get you off my mind.

You're on my mind.

And one day when all this traveling has ceased,
I will lay my head and rest my feet,
and dream of older days when we were young and free.
When I had you.
When I had you with me.

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