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This day is getting older,
in fading light it's beautiful.
This wind is blowing colder,
and too soon I'll feel it's pull.

Still, I took all my chances,
earned myself an even score.
Try to learn my lessons well.
And I don't have the answers,
for those questions anymore.

Only love can be both heaven and hell.
So sturdy up, sturdy up your heart,
for the road is long ahead.
I'll be with you even though we're apart,
but your road is yours to tread.
And so it goes, and so it goes,
and so it goes, slows your mind, mind, mind,
mind, mind.

I've grown old on this ocean,
gave her all my stronger years.
Gave my wife my devotion,
and when she died, the ocean my tears.

I've tried to teach you well son,
all of everything i knew.
Of how to live this life be true.
Don't bow your head to no one,
and no matter what you do,
if you start then see it through.

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