Letra da Música: Mr. Confusion (Female Wrestling) - Beeshop

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Here comes another
You know you don't want it
That girl is like instant confusion
Another lover
You know you want it
But you've never want her to be it

'cause she's like an oyster with no pearls inside
She's every doubt inside your mind

On the other corner
The one you've always wanted
That's always so far away
You think you love her
Could that be illusion?
Could that not be love?

She's like
The girl you want to be beside
She's got the key to reach your heart

Can't you see? could be one or maybe three
Mr. confusion, make a move
Mr. confusion, make a move
Can't you see? only trusth will set you free
Mr. confusion, make a move
Mr. confusion, make a move

The love you want
Will make you heart feel cold
You think you got it
But all you've got is a hole
Inside your heart
The truth is there to be told
So try to stop
Stop breaking hearts
Stop hurting souls
It'll hurt yourself

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